V&A vase

This porcelain piece, made for the Victoria & Albert Museum, explores the process of slip casting in fine bone china.
Produced by 1882LTD it translates the quality and joy of quill and ink through ceramics.

Victoria & Albert Museum, London 2012
Nilufar Gallery, Milan 2013


How to Spend it

The New York Times, Italian Modern: The Gallerist Nina Yashar

In 2004 and following a friend’s suggestion, I began drawing characters in indian ink as a solution to the anxiety of dissertation writing whilst an undergraduate at Chelsea School of Art. Philosophical and theoretical texts morphed into small creatures and populations - each with imaginary beliefs, identites and customs.

The Lamb Lettuce of Tartary was a creature proposed as a bridge in evolution between species of flora and fauna in the late C18th.  It describes a plant-animal with both animal (lamb-like) and plant (with a stem) characteristics. 

With this belief-fantasy loosely in mind a host of inky characters emerged, some of which have been taken and translated into a mould for slip casting and the creation of this vase in porcelain.

The piece can be read as an ode to all beliefs conjured up in humanity's pursuit of meaning.