V&A vase

This porcelain piece, made for the Victoria & Albert Museum, explores the process of slip casting in fine bone china. Produced by 1882LTD it translates the quality and joy of quill and ink through ceramics.

Victoria & Albert Museum, London 2012
Nilufar Gallery, Milan 2013


How to Spend it

The New York Times, Italian Modern: The Gallerist Nina Yashar

In 2004 I began drawing characters by recommendation of a friend as a solution to anxiety and stress experienced when writing a dissertation for my degree at Chelsea School of Art.

Theoretical texts and philosophies morphed into small creatures and populations each with imaginary beliefs, identites and customs. The Lamb Lettuce of Tartary describes a plant-animal that was widely believed at the time to bridge the gap in evolution between flora and fauna in the late C18th. 

This porcelain vase can be read as an ode to all beliefs conjured up in humanity's pursuit of meaning.


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