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* Forest Frolic
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May 11th & 12th, 2022
WORKSHOPS at Old Spitalfields Market, London E1, for LONDON CRAFT WEEK 

Sets of labels for Borough Wines refillable Artisan Range, celebrating responsible wine consumption — from the land in which vines are grown by independent producers to the bottling and distribution itself.

Six years designing fashion, photography and art books for specialist publishers Steidl Verlag brough many highlights —of particular note, Mark Dion’s Oceanomania:
Souvenirs of Mysterious Seas
From the Expedition to the Aquarium
and Far Too Close by Swedish photographer Martina Hoogland Ivanow
London Craft Week 2021 - The Art of Making at The ArtWorkers’ Guild

Reptile triptych - one design offering an endless number of configurations and uses.

FACTORY: Benchmark and 1882LTD
The Union of Design, Craft and Industry

22-27 September 2015, London Design Festival

"A collaborative exhibition between Benchmark and 1882 Ltd. Taking visitors on a journey through material and process, to highlight the vital role that design and craft play in industry. Immersed in the sights, smells, sounds and buzz of industry, from blunging and jiggering to planing and polishing, our craftsmen will demonstrate the processes involved from raw material to finished piece."

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V&A vase

This porcelain piece, made for the Victoria & Albert Museum, explores the process of slip casting in fine bone china.
Produced by 1882LTD it translates the quality and joy of quill and ink through ceramics.

Victoria & Albert Museum, London 2012
Nilufar Gallery, Milan 2013


How to Spend it

The New York Times, Italian Modern: The Gallerist Nina Yashar

The Lamb Lettuce of Tartary was a creature proposed as a bridge in evolution between species of flora and fauna in the late C18th.  It describes a plant-animal with both animal (lamb-like) and plant (with a stem) characteristics. 
With this belief-fantasy loosely in mind a host of inky characters emerged, some of which have been taken and translated into a mould for slip casting and the creation of this vase in porcelain produced by 1882LTD.
Philosophical and theoretical texts morph into small creatures each a population of hierarchical beliefs, identites, customs.

An enthusiastic gathering of characters in  pen and ink for Borough Wines and a series of tête à tête exploring wine and drinking culture.